that girl put a spell on me

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spellbound collective

spellbound (adjective):

  1. to be fascinated by something.
  2. to be enchanted as if by a spell.
  3. acting as befits a fan toward the focus of one's obsession or adoration.

Spellbound is a collective of sites and articles pertaining to magick and folklore of all types. These are the things which currently hold my interest.

Sites in the collective

the book of tides
Over twenty-five years ago, I embarked on a path of devotion to our Mother Ocean when I first felt the call of the Sea and Her tides pulsing in time with the saltwater in my veins. The Book of Tides is the result of my practice of sea magick while following the path of the Sea Witch.

If the Sea is calling to you as well, come join us in our worship.

lunarshadows network
I am a big believer in the supernatural, and I am what is termed "a sensitive" to boot. I am very much aware of strange energies moving around me, including ghosts and spirits.

The spirits of our ancestors are always watching over us if we choose to listen when they speak, and I am always ready to listen to those who want to help.

real love spells that work
This project was borne from the ads that a certain search engine kept deciding were relevant to my interests. Why do I keep getting ads about hiring someone to cast a love spell for me? It's not something I search for, and I can write my own spell if I really need it. I guess all magick is somehow related, in said search engine's opinion.

However: this has proven to be a common keyword for which others do search. That meant gathering up all my notes on love magick and setting up a site to keep all my notes in one place. Consider it "advice to the lovelorn".

lucky cats feng shui
I am a practitioner of the art and science of feng shui. A good flow of qi is important to every environment within a household.

As I tend to be sensitive to energy flow, I am constantly moving things around the house when one area or another becomes stagnant. (This drives the other inhabitants of the household bananas, though.)

Stand-alone articles in the collective

I will be frank in saying that these articles simply don't have enough content to justify their existence as a stand-alone site. They will just have to live here until further notice.

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